How To Pack and Put together a Used CNC Router For Cargo or Relocation

When shopping for or promoting a used CNC router or any CNC machine there are a number of fundamentals parts required with a purpose to reduce the potential for injury in cargo. CNC routers are robotic reducing techniques. They’ve a lot of transferring elements in addition to electrical elements that have to be stabilized and guarded earlier than a cargo. Most CNC routers are too giant to ship through enclosed trailer. They most frequently have to be shipped through flatbed truck. When sourcing a truck for a cargo it’s important that the trailer is Air Journey and absolutely tarped. This language ought to be included in writing within the trucking contract.

The essential idea is to immobilize the transferring elements (gantry/router meeting and desk), Help the load of the spindle itself, securing the controller to the desk, and climate defending the rails and electrical techniques.

Listed here are the fundamentals:

Immobilizing the Gantry and Desk

On your normal three axis CNC router there are three areas to stabilize mechanically. The X,Y, and Z axes. This may be achieved in two methods. In a super situation the unique transport brackets may very well be re-installed. Most machines are shipped new with manufacturing unit transport brackets designed to lock down the transferring axes. Assuming they aren’t with the machine we advocate utilizing ratchet straps to stabilize the transferring elements. Relying on the configuration of the machine at the least two straps ought to be used pulling in reverse instructions making a scenario the place the gantry or router head meeting is immobilized. If straps usually are not out there this immobilization will be achieved utilizing 2×4 lumber.

Supporting the Router Head Meeting 4 axis cnc router:

The burden of the spindle and router head meeting ought to be supported throughout cargo to keep away from bumps within the street damaging the ball-screw that carries the load of throughout cargo. That is achieved by reducing the router head onto a block of froth or wooden and immobilizing it. Basically the wooden or foam carries the load of the meeting.


Every time doable a controller ought to stay linked to the machine. NEVER CUT WIRES!!! I am unable to emphasize that sufficient. The controller ought to be wrapped in bubble wrap and banded to the desk in a fashion prescribed by the producer. Some producers favor the management tower to stay upright. More often than not laying it on its again on the CNC router desk is ample. Be certain the management is secured with straps or banding. That is probably the most priceless element of the machine and in addition probably the most fragile!

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