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Unity Asset Store gets the new AdInMo SDK

AdInMo’s InGamePlay ™ branded advertising SDK is now available to all mobile game makers through Unity Asset Store, the global marketplace where game developers source third-party resources, tools and services.

Designed by game developers for game developers, AdInMo’s Unity SDK integration is a simple UNITY texture replacement that allows mobile game developers to earn additional revenue by placing InGamePlay brand advertising.

The lightweight SDK is 100% dedicated to mobile with Android and IOS features fully optimized for high and low end handsets, including caching and the ability to monetize in airplane mode. Above all, the developers’ A / B tests consistently show no impact on game performance.

AdInMo’s SDK allows ad placements to blend seamlessly into the game without disrupting the flow of the game or the player experience like other game formats. Branded advertising works for all genres of games. and has a positive impact on player retention, as InGamePlay branded ads are click-free and do not force players to leave the game.

According to a recent study by, more than a quarter of developers are expected to test monetization with this new category of immersive ads in the first half of 2021.

AdInMo recently released version 1.0 of its integration guide to help mobile game developers design InGamePlay ad placements. Unity developers are also invited to attend AdInMo’s free game design clinic to have their game reviewed by the internal team to compare its potential for monetization.

The guide showcases best practices for monetization with InGamePlay branded ads based on game design theory to optimize implementation and the Virtual Design Clinic offers personalized advice to developers on how to generate additional revenue.

CEO and Co-Founder Kristan Rivers said, “It’s fantastic that the AdInMo SDK is now available directly through the global Unity game developer community. This comes just as the developers are actively researching new monetization channels as part of the development of post IDFA strategies and will help accelerate the immersive advertising of the InGamePlay brand on mobile.

“The launch of Unity coincides with the deployment of the AdInMo design clinic. Integration with our developer-friendly SDK doesn’t take time; the clinic run by our in-house design team has been set up to help developers learn more about how best to balance monetization optimization and player immersion to generate additional revenue through advertisements from the InGamePlay brand. “

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