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European data services provider JUMP Technology and French fintech company Lingua
Custodia has partnered to provide its clients with advanced reporting services.

Through the mandate, the JUMP solution from JUMP Technology will be able to provide users with an instant translation of their client, regulatory and digital reports, while the Lingua Custodia software will automate the translation of client files and monthly mandate reports, as well as those regulatory and internal. .

Fully integrated into the JUMP Technology platform, the JUMP Reporting module automates all asset and wealth manager reporting processes including multi-source data acquisition, data quality control, indicator calculation of risk and performance, validation of reports and multi-channel distribution of reports.

With connectivity via REST API between the two solutions, the collaboration is part of a larger effort to reduce production costs and operational risks, while improving the performance of reporting teams, explains JUMP Technology.

Commenting on the mandate, Emmanuel Fougeras, CEO of JUMP Technology, said: “Lingua Custodia’s financial language solution fits quickly and perfectly into our first class
JUMP Reporting module, thanks to our open architecture based on cloud, web and REST API

Olivier Debeugny, CEO of Lingua Custodia, adds: “Our expertise in automatic natural language processing allows us to add the last brick to improve the fluidity and operational efficiency of report production.

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