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Asset Servicing Regulation News | Allied Irish Banks chooses Adenza for its regulatory services

Adenza, the company resulting from the merger of Calypso Technology and AxiomSL, has been selected by Allied Irish Banks (AIB) to take on credit risk, securitization, leverage ratio and high risk reporting. exposure of the bank in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Adenza’s AxiomSL risk solutions provide credit calculations, data management and analytics that enable banks to manage a wide range of global regulatory risk requirements, including global and cross-regional compliance with rules developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

Adenza’s risk calculation engine is part of the AxiomSL ControllerView data lineage and control platform, which allows institutions to input results from external models, add source data and transform points of disparate data into a Basel-based data dictionary that supports advanced regulatory calculations, reporting and submission from a single source.

This approach allows users to tackle multi-jurisdictional regulatory calculations and reporting requirements with a data-driven process that makes it easier to explain changes in risk exposure and also helps identify what caused those changes and where. they happened, says the supplier.

Commenting on the mandate, Ed Probst, Head of Strategic Regulatory Solutions at Adenza, said: “Banks must not only produce venture capital reporting results, but also be able to show a clear audit trail.”

He adds, “Our data dictionary approach to credit risk enables AIB and other large banks to automate risk calculations, drawing on data from across the institution. , without compromising auditability.

Jim Smyth, Head of Regulatory Reporting, AIB, comments, “Adenza’s centralized and highly scalable AxiomSL approach to standard and advanced credit risk calculations allows AIB to meet risk calculations and reporting requirements without having to need to reinvent and rebuild new technologies every time regulatory obligations. change. We felt it was important to work with a company that could deliver powerful reporting solutions across the entire regulatory reporting suite for today and into the future. »

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