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CIBC Asset Management Announces May 2022 Monthly Cash Distributions for CIBC ETFs and Special Distributions for CIBC Multifactor ETFs

TORONTO, May 24, 2022 /CNW/ – CIBC CM CM – CIBC Asset Management Inc. (CAMI) announced today May 2022 monthly cash distributions for CIBC ETFs and ETF series of the CIBC Fixed Income Pools, which distribute monthly. In addition, CAMI is also announcing a special distribution for CIBC Multifactor Canadian Equity ETF and CIBC Multifactor U.S. Equity ETF (collectively, the CIBC Multifactor ETFs).

As stated previously on May 16, 2022the CIBC Multifactor ETFs will terminate on or about July 29, 2022 (the termination date). CAMI will also issue an additional press release on or about the termination date confirming the final details of the terminations.

Unitholders of the following CIBC ETFs of record on May 31, 2022will receive cash distributions payable on June 3, 2022. The details of the final “per unit” distribution amounts are as follows:


Stock symbols

To exchange

Cash distribution
Per unit ($)

CIBC Active Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF




CIBC Active Investment Grade Floating Rate Bond ETF




CIBC Flexible Yield ETF (CAD Hedged)




CIBC Conservative Fixed Income Pool ETF




CIBC Core Fixed Income Mutual ETF




CIBC Core Plus Fixed Income Mutual Fund ETF




CIBC Canadian Bond Index ETF




CIBC Global Ex-Canada Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)




CIBC Canadian Core More Sustainable Bond Fund




CIBC Qx Canadian Low Volatility Dividend ETF




CIBC Qx Low Volatility U.S. Dividend ETF




CIBC Qx Low Volatility International Dividend ETF




Special distributions will be paid on or about June 3, 2022 to unitholders of the CIBC Multifactor ETFs of record on May 31, 2022. The details of the final amount of cash distributions “per unit” are as follows:

CIBC Multifactor ETFs


To exchange

Cash distribution
Per unit ($)

CIBC Multifactor Canadian Equity ETF




CIBC Multifactor U.S. Equity ETF

CMUE (common units)

CMUE.F (Hedged shares)




CIBC ETFs are managed by CIBC Asset Management Inc., a subsidiary of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Please read the CIBC ETF prospectus or ETF Facts document before investing. To obtain a copy, call 1-888-888-3863, ask your advisor or visit ETFs are not guaranteed, their values ​​change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. CIBC ETFs are offered by registered dealers.

Morningstar® Canada Core Bond IndexTM and Morningstar® Global ex-Canada Core Bond Hedged CAD IndexTM are trademarks or service marks of Morningstar, Inc. and are used under license for certain purposes by CIBC Asset Management. CIBC Canadian Bond Index ETF and CIBC Global Out-of-Canada Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Morningstar, and Morningstar makes no representation as to the advisability of Invest in CIBC Canadian Bond Index ETF and CIBC Global Out-of-Canada Bond Index ETF (Hedged to CAD).

Certain trademarks of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and/or certain of its affiliates (collectively “CIBC”) have been used under license by CIBC Asset Management Inc. in connection with CIBC Multifactor Canadian Equity ETF and CIBC Multifactor US Equity ETF (the “CIBC Multifactor ETF”). The securities of the CIBC Multifactor ETFs are not sponsored, promoted, sold or endorsed in any way by CIBC or the index calculation agent, Solactive AG (“Solactive”), and CIBC or Solactive make no express or implied warranties or representations either with respect to the results of using the indices on which the CIBC Equity ETFs are based, or the prices of the indices at any time or in any other respect. The CIBC ETFs’ prospectus contains a more detailed description of the limited relationship that CIBC and Solactive have with CIBC Asset Management Inc. and CIBC Multifactor ETFs.

About CIBC

CIBC is a leading North American financial institution with 11 million personal, commercial, public sector and institutional banking customers. In Personal and Business Banking, Business Banking, and Wealth Management and Capital Markets, CIBC offers a full range of advice, solutions and services through its leading digital banking network and its locations in Canada, the United States and around the world. Current press releases and more information about CIBC are available at

About CIBC Asset Management

CIBC Asset Management, Inc. (CAM), the asset management subsidiary of CIBC, offers a range of high-quality investment management services and solutions to retail and institutional investors. CAM’s offering includes: a comprehensive mutual fund platform, strategically managed portfolio solutions, discretionary investment management services for high net worth individuals and institutional portfolio management. CAM is one of from Canada largest asset management companies, with over $170 billion of assets under administration April 2022.


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