Aquitaine Genealogy

Whether you 're a fan of genealogy or you're wondering about your past, your ancestors or the history of someone else, finding answers to your questions is not always easy!

In any country genealogy is a subject that requires much research, unless you are fortunate enough for someone else to have already completed the research for you!  In France there is the extra challenge of the famous French bureaucracy, which often means you have to go through multiple channels to find information.  Aquitaine is divided into 5 departments - Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne, Landes , Gironde and the Pyrenees-Atlantique, each with their own records and administration.

Aquitaine is a historical region that has evolved over time , while welcoming many individuals from different areas, meaning that populations are crossed , were scattered and perhaps returned ... so in the end , to find a specialist genealogist who if familiar with Aquitaine is required in most cases!

Of course you can start looking yourself for family items, correspondence and by talking with the older members of your family , or even by visiting family geographic locations that you heard from your parents, your grandparents, even your great grandparents.  By using the information you gain from this, it may already be possible to sketch a simple but precise family tree, although it is unlikely to very far back in time.

This hands on approach has the added benefit of being able to connect with family members you may rarely talk to and by doing so, building new relationships.

Professional genealogical research can often go further back, as detailed work and access to documents and archives are part of the expertise of a genealogist.  You will be able to commission research on the history of your family in Aquitaine, or further afield, working on different lines of the family tree, including its main branches and remote people. This can also help to find other descendants of your generation, but also to learn more about the history of a family home, for example. Of course , the origins of property are not necessarily material conflicts, you may want to know where is this or that remains even if it is not in your family!

Genealogy allows you a journey through time, a discovery of your family's past , and therefore, an exploration of your own identity.  It also gives the possibility to prevent these discoveries from being lost again in time, to create family books or any other type of monograph that you can transmit in your turn to your children and grand children.

Another possible figure reason to study genealogy in Aquitaine might be in the case of research for writing a novel or a film shoot .

Learn more about a family or the history of a building or area may offer new perspectives in a professional approach or for the joy of research and discovery.