Discover new worlds of fun in online fantasy games

Playing online games is always fun, but sometimes a bit of magical adventuring is required to liven things up a bit. An online fantasy game usually comes in the form of MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) and are often adapted from well-known fantasy series, be these books or films or both, like Lord of the Rings. Fantasy MMORPG have been around for a while but they still attract millions of players from all over the world who want to join in the multiplayer fun of fighting their ways around a wealth of rich and detailed fantasy worlds.

With loads of MMORPG fantasy games on offer at Bigpoint , you will be sure to find a fantasy world that suits you down to the ground. Most fantasy online games revolve around worlds that have detailed lore and storylines which players will slowly pick up and can explore with their character.  This again is often part of the story of the world despite usually being customisable, so that players can have greater control over their gaming experience. These fantasy worlds can often take many hours of game-play before they have been fully explored.

One of the defining features of fantasy online games, their worlds and their game-play is the use of magic or other supernatural ‘skills’ which come as part of the world’s lore. The magical element of fantasy games is one of their main attractions. Such freedom and interesting game-play that having magical abilities offers characters, means the world and any battles within it are often influenced by the use of magic by one or many players. So if you have always wanted to meddle in magic then a MMORPG fantasy game and its world is the perfect place for you to begin experimenting!  

Bigpoint, one of the largest gaming sites on the internet, has loads of fun and free MMORPG fantasy games and fantasy games from other genres, like the new and exciting MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), that players can enjoy. The multiplayer aspect of these games is crucial to their success with millions of players battling in teams against each other to gain control of the fantasy world in which they interact. Guilds, clans and friend systems are all part of the multiplayer social interaction that MMORPG and online fantasy games are much loved for.