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Get a $ 50 credit in the Unity Asset Store of Oculus Mobile VR Jam – Road to VR

In addition to competing for over a million dollars in prizes, developers can get a little boost during Oculus Mobile VR Jam in the form of a $ 50 credit on Unity Asset Store.

The Unity Asset Store is home to a collection of tools, textures, 3D models and more, allowing game developers to save time by incorporating predefined elements into their game while focusing their time and energy on the unique selling point of their game.

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For example, the $ 10 All sky The pack offers 140 skyboxes, making it easy for developers to embed their creation in a beautiful sky without having to create their own.

All eligible participants (individual, team or organization) who complete “Milestone 1” of the Mobile VR Jam will receive a $ 50 credit in the Asset Store. Details for Item 1, due April 20, can be found in the Mobile Jam VR FAQ. Oculus has defined the conditions required to apply for the credit:

  • Submit all materials for Milestone 1
  • Select Unity as the game engine you will use for this competition
  • Sign the conditions of use of the contest
  • Enter the email used to connect to a Gear VR

The credit code will be emailed to each team leader.

Oculus recently announced the judges of the Mobile VR Jam. Those interested in participating would do well to take a look at the practice Mobile Jam VR Starter Kit.

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