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DefiEraCorp, LLC is the ultimate digital asset store offering inexpensive NFTs and training programs for new people who want to become great NFT creators.

Blockchains are taking over the world. In 1983 the Internet was invented and it took years before it was accepted by the general public. Blockchains, however, have taken the world by storm. The rate at which it is accepted and used by people is far superior to that of the Internet. This is mainly due to the exceptional security it offers on every transaction. Blockchains also adopt a simple transaction procedure that is convenient for the general public and administered at the speed of nodes. All these high hands allow Blockchains and DeFi to be favored over CeFi. DefiEraCorp, LLC is a company that further empowers Blockchain technologies.

DefiEraCorp, short for “decentralized era of finance” is an innovative name for a company. The name also describes the Blockchain revolution the world is going through. NFTs are virtual replicas of real-world objects such as artwork and real estate. The “tokenization” of these artworks and properties enables efficient trading and limits the possibility of sharp practice. The company uses a wide range of software such as Blender, Adobe Substance 3D Stager, 5D Planner, Umake and Marvelous Designer. It also employs ambitious NFT sellers, gathers new knowledge, acquires new skills and improves market value. A total of 12,000 phenomenal non-fungible tokens belong to DefiEraCorp, LLC. These NFTs are divided into 3 major collections. Warriors at the Arena, which is a collection of 4000 DeFi Era Exotic Bears. 4,000 digital terrains in Roblox and FrameVR, ranging from conference rooms to retail spaces, art galleries, restaurants, family homes, and hangouts. The third collection consists of 4000 non-fungible robots.

Tomas Alberto Mira Ortiz, founder of DefiEraCorp emigrated from Colombia to the United States with his parents for a better life. The few opportunities in their native country as well as a desire for a better standard of living made them leave their beloved land. Life in the United States was not easy either. Tomas couldn’t spend free time with his parents as both worked overtime to give him a better life. He started drawing when he was still in high school. After realizing he had a knack for designing, Tomas became an NFT Creator. His very first NFT was a digital restaurant by the name of “P&M Noodles and Sushi”. While he was still struggling in this new realm, tragedy struck. Her mother was murdered by her biological father. It was a serious blow to Tomas’ life and career, but his ambition and passion for his work sustained him. Some time later, Tomas met an old friend Brian Figueroa who was also good at designing and founded DefiEraCorp, LLC, an online digital asset store. Here, people wishing to maintain a collection of NFTs can easily purchase NFTs from a pre-existing collection or request a new NFT to be created. Tomas’ story is an inspiration to many, teaching that with tireless, passionate work, any obstacle life throws at you can be overcome.

DefiEraCorp is accomplished in Website Development, Blockchain Technology, 3D Digital Designs, 3D Architecture Sales and Social Media Marketing. The company also trains new people in this industry who want to create NFTs themselves. In short, DefiEraCorp is the ultimate store to buy the best NFTs at the most suitable prices.

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