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IDZ introduces Asset 0 as the first asset in its ID ecosystem

LONDON, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IDZ believes that anything that belongs to you can be an asset that you own along with your ID card. Not only digital objects, but also physical devices. In the future, IDZ believes devices will become accessories for the most important thing we have: ID.

IDZ’s Asset 0 is the first digital asset in its ID ecosystem, initially offered for sale as NFTs on popular marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible. Owners of 0 Assets, known as IDZ Ambassadors, will take an active role in feature voting and contribute to the ID ecosystem roadmap.

Unlike classic NFTs, the value of asset 0 is supported by a formula, its value is related to the number of IDZ users. As the number of users in the system increases, the value also increases. According to Joseph Bara, CEO of IDZ, “The value of almost all NFTs in today’s market is based on hype, and we will soon see a crash in their prices as there is no support for their valuation.”. While IDZ expects assets to trade between peers at a price well above the floor price they have set, the formula ensures the holder will find liquidity at a predefined value whenever they wish to sell after IPO. on the IDZ stock exchange.

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