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IDZ NFT Asset 0 launches to change digital ID forever

IDZ has been working for five years to build an ID ecosystem where people can own and control their assets of all kinds. This is because, as they say, any activity we do in life begins with establishing an identity. Asset 0 is the first asset in the system and it is already available for sale on OpenSea.

IDZ seeks to revolutionize the identification space.

Who is IDZ?

IDZ believes the ID ecosystem has the potential to change all industries including; banking, retail and hospitality. First, they built a secure zero-knowledge architecture. Then they opened it, allowing users to verify their security and create other ID clouds. Notably, the ecosystem will be powered by all ID clouds, not just IDZ.

What is the IDZ Asset 0 NFT?

The Asset 0 NFT, developed by IDZ, aims to allow users to take an active role by voting on features and the roadmap. IDZ Asset 0 is the first digital asset – or NFT – in the ID ecosystem. So, to make it special, the project tied its value to the number of IDZ users. Therefore, instead of being built on hype, the IDZ Asset 0 NFT has value based on a formula.

You can get the IDZ Asset 0 NFT on OpenSea right now for the price of 0.3 ETH. Then – believe it or not – they also promise to buy back the assets after their IPO!

Active 0 NFT example gif
An overview of the 0 NFT asset.

Your digital ID on a physical device

IDZ believes that anything you own can be an asset with your own ID, including physical devices. In the future, they believe devices will become props for the most important thing you have: your ID itself.

IDZ ID Authentication iPhone Device Demo
IDZ demonstrates the ease of approving transactions on your physical device.

IDZ Social Media x Marketplace Platforms

Additionally, the company plans to build more than just the Asset 0 NFT. Apparently, they also plan to create a social network and an NFT market platform. Called FLAP and EXCHANGE respectively, these platforms will be part of the IDZ ecosystem.

Through the FLAP platform, they also hope to reduce – or even eliminate – fake news and bot profiles. Moreover, they also aim to promote authentic content and help users take an active role in community management.

According to the IDZ team, their users will also have the opportunity to win. Additionally, IDZ promises that anyone who does so will get 100% of their earnings. In fact, their EXCHANGE platform works the same way: whatever users sell, they can keep.

IDZ Enabled 01 Watch

Beyond that, “IDZ enabled” will be touted as an open-source framework that runs on wearables and other secure devices. This is to further increase the security of user credentials.

For wearables, their waiting list is open to get you their first IDZ-enabled device: the 01 Watch. This works as both an authenticator and an identifier. In short, it uses NFC and other technologies to verify your identity to other parties.

IDZ ID Watch 01 Authentication watch with NFC
The Watch 01 is the first IDZ compatible device.

If you are interested in IDZ Asset 0, you can find them on various social media platforms including Twitter and Discord. Alternatively, you can visit their website or Average blog. Finally, you can buy their NFTs via OpenSea also.

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