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Introducing VettaFi: Solving Asset Managers’ Biggest Challenges, From Data and Insights to Indexing and Distribution

ETF Trends, ETF Database, Alerian, S-Network Global Indexes are all now part of VettaFi

The asset management industry has a powerful new fintech partner starting today with the launch of VettaFi, the collective brand powered by industry veterans, tech enthusiasts and data scientists. ‘ETF Trends, ETF Database, Alerian and S-Network Global Indexes.

Under the VettaFi banner, this new entity will provide asset managers with the full suite of services and solutions needed to create and scale successful fund lines that build enduring brands and solve important portfolio construction challenges for everyone. types of investors.

“It’s a very exciting day for all of us who are now part of VettaFi,” said Tom Lydon, Vice President of VettaFi. “When we first embarked on the journey of creating a new brand, we all agreed that our data-driven approach should be built around education first and foremost. asset managers can better serve investors when investors have a better understanding of The work done by the teams behind ETF Trends, ETF Database, Alerian and S-Network forms a solid educational core from which all of our other indexing, distribution, advisory and go-to-market efforts will flow from it.”

“Our suite of solutions is designed for asset managers, but our reach reaches millions of individual investors; therefore, we view VettaFi as a B-to-B company with B-to-C responsibilities,” said added Leland Clemons, who was recently named CEO of VettaFi. “Our goal is to have better educated investors, better positioned asset managers and better results for all parties involved.”

VettaFi’s suite of services makes the company a one-stop resource for everything an asset manager needs to build a successful and differentiated business, including:

  • Data analysis: Powered by best-in-class data, VettaFi’s research toolset provides real-time insights on over 2,900 ETFs from over 100 managers, as well as demographics and market segmentation, Advisor Data Insights, and more.
  • Indexing: More than 200 customers around the world turn to VettaFi for best-in-class credentials at competitive prices. VettaFi has $14 billion in assets benchmarked against its indices, which include ESG/SRI, energy infrastructure, thematic investing, factor strategies, and dozens of other solutions, including tailored approaches.
  • Thought leadership: VettaFi produces independent and commissioned research; valuable information on industry news, trends and regulations; advisory boards; and commentary covering the current landscape and the future of finance, featuring experts such as Todd Rosenbluth, Lara Crigger, Tom Lydon, Dave Nadig and Stacey Morris.
  • Digital broadcast: VettaFi reaches tens of millions of investors each year, including more than 140,000 US-based financial advisors and thousands of institutional investors. Data-driven messaging covers a range of approaches, from ads and social media to email, webcasts and beyond.
  • Investor Commitment: VettaFi connects advisors, institutions, and self-directed investors through in-person and virtual events, CE-accredited educational opportunities, peer-to-peer networking, and other tailored experiences.
  • Go-to-market consultation: VettaFi offers a suite of services for new and established asset managers that enables them to outsource or scale market execution, develop robust pre-launch and post-launch strategies, optimize tactics and calculate return on investment.

“Each of these areas is critical to the success of a family of funds, but for too long they have been delivered in silos rather than as a holistic set of solutions,” Lydon said. “With VettaFi, asset managers have, for the first time, the full suite of services, from idea generation to go-to-market strategy, marketing and ongoing distribution; the all accessible through a single partner. And not just any partner: our leadership team has been among the leading voices in the fund ecosystem for decades, forming an unprecedented collective force in this space.”

“At VettaFi, our ‘what’ is unequivocally finance. Our “how” is firmly rooted in technology. Whether it’s our proprietary content management system and data warehouse, our industry-leading database, or our proprietary behavioral analytics, we’re building a technology-first platform designed to help asset managers and investors to succeed in the world of work from anywhere,” continued Clemons. “As VettaFi, we aspire to be a singularly unique company, designed to help our existing partners and new partners create the most successful fund ranges possible.”

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About VettaFi

VettaFi LLC, a data, analytics and thought leadership company, is transforming financial services from an industry to a community, one relationship at a time. Engaging millions of investors each year, VettaFi cultivates a cutting-edge, data-driven platform designed to empower and educate the modern financial advisor and institutional investor.

In addition to providing interactive online tools and searches, VettaFi offers asset managers a range of indexing and digital distribution solutions to innovate and scale their businesses.

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