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InVision Studio design tool gets app store, asset store – TechCrunch

InVision, the startup that wants to be the operating system for designers, today presented its app store and asset store within InVision Studio. In short, InVision Studio users now have access to some of their most used apps and services right from the Studio design tool. Additionally, these same users will be able to purchase icons, UX / UI components, fonts and more from Studio.

While Studio is still in its infancy, InVision has compiled a solid list of initial app store partners including Google, Salesforce, Slack, Getty, Atlassian, and more.

InVision was first launched as a collaboration tool for designers, allowing designers to upload prototypes to the cloud so that others in the organization can leave comments before engineers define the design in. marble. Since that launch in 2011, InVision has grown to 4 million users, capturing 80% of the Fortune 100, raising a total of $ 235 million in funding.

While collaboration is the heart of InVision’s business and the only source of revenue for the company, CEO and Founder Clark Valberg believes that it is not enough to be complementary to the current ecosystem of tools of design. That’s why InVision launched Studio in late 2017, hoping to tackle Adobe and Sketch head-on with its own design tool.

Studio differentiates itself by focusing on the actual designer workflow, which often involves simulating designs in one application, extracting assets from another, working on animations and transitions in another, and then stitching together. all to share for collaboration on InVision Cloud. Studio aims to bring all of these different services together in one product, and a critical part of that mission is to create an app store and asset store with the services too sticky for InVision to rebuild them from Scratch. , such as Slack or Atlassian.

With the InVision app store, Studio users can search Getty from their design and preview various Getty images without ever leaving the app. They can then share that design through Slack or send it to Atlassian engineers, or push it directly to to get real-time feedback from real people.

InVision Studio was launched with the ability to download an organization’s design system (character faces, icons, logos, and hex codes) directly into Studio, ensuring designers have easy access to all the assets they need. Today, InVision takes it a step further with the launch of the Asset Store, enabling designers to sell their own assets to the entire designer ecosystem.

“Our next big step is to truly become the operating system for product design,” said Valberg. “We want to be to designers what Atlassian is to engineers, what Salesforce is to sales. We have worked to become a full-fledged company, and now that we manage this entire stack, it has freed us from being complementary products to our competitors. We are now a stand-alone product in this regard.

Since Studio’s launch, the service has grown to over 250,000 users. Company says Studio is still in Early Access, though it’s available to everyone here.

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