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JPM Gl. Core Real Asset share price fell 8.9%

Investment gains fell from £9.3m for the year to February 2021 to £16m in 12 months.

Total return for the period increased to £26.8m from £11m the previous year, marking an increase of 12.9%, while pre-tax and cost returns ended at 24, £2m, up from £12.3m last year.

Net asset value per share ended at 95p, down from 87.9p in 2021. Total return per share climbed to 11.06p, from 6.16p last year.

Total assets less liabilities fell from £183.5m in 2021 to £206.6m.

The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war ripples through to real assets

Chairman John Scott said in a statement to shareholders: “The world has largely learned to live with Covid-19 and its many variants, resulting in improved prospects for your business and vindication of its investment strategies.

“However, shareholders will be aware that just four days before the end of our financial year, Russia took the fateful decision to invade its neighbor Ukraine and while the resulting war will undoubtedly cause great disruption and difficulties for months and perhaps years to come, your board’s assessment of the strategies in which JARA invests suggests that they are proving remarkably resilient.”

JARA’s private real estate allocation was the best performer, with the majority of returns coming from exposure to US private real estate, which added 2.9% to JARA’s total return.

Tenant demand in the industrial and logistics sector contributed more than 60% of its real estate appreciation, while its private infrastructure contributed to a total return of 1.5%, the majority of which came from revenue.

A total dividend of 4 pence per share was paid to shareholders for the year.

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