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Penrith Town Hall obtains community asset status

An activist said he was “over the moon” that Penrith Town Hall was now protected from sale.

Penrith City Councilor Jonathan Davies – who had been pushing for town hall to be designated as a community value asset under the Localism Act of 2011 – said you could have picked it up on Tuesday night when the executive Council of Eden agreed to go against an officer’s recommendation and grant the iconic building the additional protection it requested.

“It was a big rotation for the books,” Davies said.

He said that it had been recognized by the executive of the district authority that the town hall played an important community role and that there had been a benefit to the community as it had been used as a debate room over the years. years for issues that affected the public.

This means that the town hall is now added to the register as a community asset and, if the council decides to sell it, whether it is the district council of Eden or a new unitary council in the near future. , this would mean that the community has the right to move to buy the building or take it back.

Mr Davies said he hopes the district council will delegate ownership of the building to city council, or a group that can manage it, as things progress with the proposal to establish a unitary authority model. for the local government of Cumbria.

“It would be the right thing to do to make sure it is protected for the city,” Davies said.

The Clifton Village Hall, Clifton Well and Clifton Pond have also all been recognized as assets of community value.

This was despite an objection from Lowther Estates, who are the registered owner of the Clifton well, and said they had maintained it for a number of years.

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