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Sinespace announces availability on Unity Technologies Asset Store

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Sinespace, the massively multi-creator virtual world for game developers currently in consumer beta, today announced the launch of its SDK on Unity Asset Store (available here).

The SDK is on display at GDC 2019 at booth 1871 (next to the Connect Lounge) and at a launch party at Unity headquarters in San Francisco on March 21 at 6 p.m. ET. RSVP here.

In development for over 8 years, Sinespace is an all-in-one platform that brings the entire multiplayer game development process into a shared virtual world with a real economy – a vision evoked in classic novels like Snowfall and Loan Player One, now available on the Asset Store of the world’s largest real-time 3D platform.

“I have been developing virtual worlds since I was 12,” explains Adam Frisby, co-founder and chief engineer of Sinespace. “It has always been my dream to create a toolchain that combines the best content creation and open world tools with proper support for physics-based AAA multiplayer games.”

Sinespace is designed to rapidly develop and publish AAA-grade multi-user games, MMOs, applications and VR experiences – instantly optimized for playing on Windows, Mac, WebGL, Oculus, and Vive. (Sinespace for iOS, Android and consoles in Alpha.)

Watch this video series for a complete walkthrough on how to create and monetize a uniquely customizable FPS game in Sinespace.

Sinespace is also a partner of the major brands Unity Asset Store Dexsoft-Games (3D-Textures Models) and Gaia, with an award-winning parametric modeler Archimatix. Developers can now license and embed their 3D models directly into Sinespace-based applications.

“We are delighted to make our models available in the Sinespace in-game store,” said Dejan Cicic of DEXSOFT-Games (3DModels-Textures). “We can’t wait to see how the developers are integrating them into amazing new games and apps in ways we’ve never dreamed of. ”

Main features of the Sinespace SDK

Now, with over 50,000 players with users spending $ 22 / month on DLC, Sinespace brings together everyone from gamers and indie artists and developers, to mid-level studios and high-end tool developers. , in shared play areas.

  • End-to-end solution for multiplayer games: Create, script, publish, and monetize scalable MMOs and all other genres.
  • Multiplayer Game Development Toolkit: Highly customizable characters, maps and player slots, NPCs, weapons, vehicles, pets, and more.
  • Script languages: write scripts in Lua or C # (on white label servers) via a user-friendly API.
  • High local competition: Scenes support over 200 users at 60 FPS in one space.
  • Integrated monetization: IAP sales via revenue sharing similar to that of the App Store; in-game marketplace for selling developer content to all Sinespace players.
  • Build once, run anywhere: Scenes instantly and automatically optimized to run on major platforms including Windows, Mac, WebGL, Oculus, and Vive. (iOS, Android and consoles currently in Alpha.)
  • IP protection: The live review team monitors the store for pirated / ripped material.
  • Build Kill Repeat: Open source and fully modifiable combat system for first person shooters, integrated with the latest Unity physics.

“We are very proud and excited to bring our Sinespace SDK to the Unity community,” said Adam Frisby. “After twenty years in the industry, I think this is the start of a worthy metaverse.”

Sinespace SDK images:

About Sine Wave Entertainment

Sinespace is a massively multi-creator virtual world platform for everyone – from gamers who want to play, socialize and create, to developers and organizations who want to quickly deploy secure, feature-rich, monetizable social apps with tools. industry standard. Sinespace is published by Sine Wave Entertainment, a private company based in London with offices in Shanghai, Sydney and Los Angeles. Founded in 2006, the chairman of the company is Peter Norris, who is also chairman of the Virgin Group. Follow us on twitter @sinewavespace
and join our discord server for developers; download Sinespace for free on

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