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Tangible Asset-Backed NFT Marketplace Announces Sale of Bordeaux NFT

Tangible, the asset-backed NFT marketplace, brings a collection of the world’s finest wines to the blockchain.

Tangible announces the addition of fine wines to its NFT marketplace in collaboration with Bordeaux Index.

Bordeaux Index, the global trader, will provide the wine, which tangibly provides a wide range of exquisite wines to sell NFTs backed by the liquid assets. Additionally, they will leverage LiveTrade to do so.

“We are leveraging LiveTrade, the trading platform of the UK’s leading specialist fine wine trader, to provide immediate access to NFT collectors across the world,” said Jag Singh, CEO of Tangible.

Tangible Marketplace launched in January this year, and they have a unique way of doing business. Tangible works differently than traditional NFT marketplaces. They convert real-world assets into NFTs, which they call TNFT. So far, these assets include gold bars, prestigious watches, antiques, exclusive sneakers and now fine wines. At any time, you can exchange your TNFT for the physical product at no additional cost to the customer.

Tangible says this solves two problems. First, it allows investors to diversify their wealth across multiple asset classes. Second, it removes the cyclical and volatile nature of crypto from the equation, giving you peace of mind over your assets.

Finally, Bordeaux Index operates from offices around the world in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Los Angeles. This gives them a global perspective and the ability to source the best products available for the NFT market. Tangible plans to release its full NFT market soon, with more news expected shortly.

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